ūüźÖPre-Order Update 1 - Year of the TigerūüźÖ

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ūüźÖYear of the Tiger

Pre-order UpdateūüźÖ

Emailed on September 16 2022 at 4:00 p.m.


Year of the Tiger pre-orders officially started production last week! 

We acquired all the fabric for the sweaters, and they just finished being washed and pre-shrunk. 

The sweaters are now getting embroidery done. Machine go brrr.


The production journey of a pre-order is a long one, so let's summarize the process below and see where we currently stand!

✅Pre-order launch 8/19/22 -9/2/22

‚úÖTally and order placement 9/5/22

‚Ź≥¬†Production 9/5/22 - current time

ūüöꬆQuality check and shipment prep¬†

ūüöꬆShipping to Apari Warehouse¬†

ūüöꬆFulfillment and shipping to you!¬†


We are currently in the production stage!

Production may take up to 4-6 weeks to produce before it is shipped out to the Apari HQ.

However, this is an estimate and final fulfillment dates are subject to change due to the large production quantity. 



Orders that have not been fulfilled and contain these items are a Pre-Order:

Image of Pre-Order Woven Ox Sweater
Image of Pre-Order Woven Tiger Sweater
Image of Pre-Order Tiger T-shirt Army Green
Image of Pre-Order Tiger T-shirt Grey Blue
Image of Pre-Order Tiger Button Down Army Green
Image of Pre-Order Kumiho T-shirt
Image of Pre-Order Daruma Button Down
Image of Pre-Order Tiger Button Down Maroon
Image of Pre-Order Kuo Wave Bucket Hat


Any orders including a Pre-order will not be shipped out yet. 

As we make it through the production process, we will keep everyone updated through these emails, our discord, and Instagram. 



If you ordered items that are not part of the Year of the Tiger collection Pre-order and would like those items shipped out separately, please send an email to contact@apari.com to make arrangements.

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