Trash Taste Update #8

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Emailed on July 19, 2022


We have fulfilled 90% of all Trash Taste Pre-orders!


We've been packing Trash Taste Pre-orders every day since the last update email! 

Over 600 orders are fulfilled daily!


In order to keep up with our fulfillment, FedEx Express and Ground do several sweeps a day. 

They pick up the orders as we pack them!


At one point, the team had to split.

While some of us were away attending and managing conventions, the rest stayed behind to keep fulfilling your pre-orders 👍

Here's a shot of what I came back to after being away at Florida Supercon!


We've made a sizable dent to the pile of boxes received a month ago 📦

apari apari


All orders that have not been fulfilled at this point are unverified addresses and addresses imputed incorrectly at check out. 

We have sent a mass email to all of you who have unverified or incorrect addresses.

The Apari team will be out of office July 19-26. 

Please reply to the Verify Address Email with your updated address so we can finish fulfillment when we return.

Additionally, we are also making our way through a queue of over 400 emails.

If your order is regarding a size exchangewe will not answer it until we have finished shipping all pre-orders.

We will only possibly do exchanges if there is left over stock.

If your email is time sensitive please feel free to reply in the same email thread to bump it. 
However you will not receive a reply until we return to office so please be patient. 
If your inquiry is related to a lost package or a change in address after the order has already been sent out then please contact FedEx to obtain information and make arrangements.
If your email is solely "where's my order" then we will not reply as you will get a shipping confirmation with a tracking number when it is your turn.
Please only worry once we announce that we are completely done. 


The production journey of a pre-order is a long one, so let's summarize the process below and see where we currently stand!

✅Pre-order launch 12/10/21 - 12/31/21

✅Tally and order placement 1/3/22

✅ Production 1/3/22 - 4/25/22

✅ Quality check and shipment prep 3/21/22 - 4/25/22

✅ Shipping to Apari Warehouse 4/27/22 - 6/5/22

 Fulfillment and shipping to you! 

All orders not fulfilled at this point are unverified or incorrect addresses.

Please look out for an email prompting you to update your address. 



As we make it through the fulfillment process, we will keep everyone updated through these emails, our discord, and Instagram

Thanks in advance for your patience as we get these items on their way to you!



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