Pre-Order Status

This page contains a list of pre-order products that are currently in production.

The latest updates will be posted here, and critical updates will be sent via email.

With fulfillment of our pre-orders around the corner, it's crucial that you double-check and update your address promptly to ensure seamless delivery.

Note: Please be advised that while shipments have reached our fulfillment center, there is a delay in dispatching items due to the simultaneous arrival of multiple pre-orders.

Last update: 6/21/2024


Trash Taste 


✅ Pre-order launch ended on 2/10/24

✅ Tally and order placement 2/29/24

✅ Production for hoodie and pants 2/29/24 - 6/1/24

1st batch of t-shirts shipping to fulfillment center 4/16

2nd batch of t-shirts shipping to fulfillment center 6/17

✅ Hoodies and pants arrived to fulfillment center 6/18

⌛️ Fulfillment and shipping to you!

Production was delayed as the manufacturer went on Lunar New Year break, with operations officially resuming on 2/29/24. Products officially began on 2/29/24. 

The fabric was acquired and prepared for washing and preshrinking as of 3/8/24. 

The process of embroidery has begun on the fabric on 3/12/24. 

The first batch of TT shirts has been shipped. If your order has not been shipped yet, it is part of the second batch. The second batch is on the way to our fulfillment center and is estimated to arrive mid-June.

The pants and hoodie production is finished and on its way to our fulfillment center as of 6/1/23. 
Hoodies and pants are estimated to arrive in early July. 



Kuo Wave


✅ Pre-order launch ended on 4/22/24

✅ Tally and order placement - 4/23/24

⌛️ T-Shirt production - ongoing 

⌛️ Quality check and shipment prep for shorts and cardigan

❌  Fulfillment and shipping to you! 

Kuo Wave sets are done with product as of 6/18/24. 



Ohara Kitsune T-Shirt

This item is backordered and orders with this item will ship out early June.

Production is completed as of 5/15/24

✅ Quality check and shipment prep 

First shipment to to fulfillment center as of 5/21/24

⌛️Fulfillment and shipping to you!



Onigiri Okinawa


✅ Pre-order launch ended on 3/30/24

✅ Tally and order placement - 4/1/24

✅ Production for button downs are completed - 6/16/24

✅ Production for shorts are completed - 6/21/24

⌛️  Shipment prep for Bingata sets

⌛️  Quality check and shipment prep for Magazine t-shirts

❌  Fulfillment and shipping to you! 



Miku Expo


✅ Pre-order launch ended on  5/21/24

✅ Tally and order placement - 5/24/24

⌛️   Production - ongoing 

  Quality check and shipment prep 

❌  Fulfillment and shipping to you! 

The fabric for varsity jackets has been completed as of June 18, 2024.