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Pre-order Update # 4

Email sent 4/6/23


Welcome back for update # 4 for Trash Taste, Ohara, and Kappa hoodies! 

We're almost at the final stretch! 

Our fulfillment center has received Ohara sweaters and hats. 

Fulfillment has already begun with orders that only contained Ohara pre-orders

The pre-order process is a long one, so let's summarize where we're at: 


What's shipping out right now 🚚💨

If your order only contained Trash Taste shirts and Ohara pre-orders, it has already been fulfilled and shipped!

What we're stilling waiting on ⏱️

Trash Taste Sweaters are done with production and on their way to our fulfillment center! 🚚

Look how many boxes there are!
We estimate that the sweaters will arrive to us in early May! 

Kappa hoodies are estimated to arrive at our fulfillment center next week! Once those are received and sorted, fulfillment will begin for these by the end of the month!

Emails like these will be sent out on a monthly basis with the photos and verbal updates we receive on our end!

Stay tuned as we make our way through this production journey together!



All orders containing Trash Taste and Ohara items are Pre-Order. 

Ohara items are entering the fulfillment stage, and tracking numbers will slowly start to send out to your emails. 

All other orders containing Trash Taste Sweaters and Kappa Woven Hoodies will be shipped out later.

We estimate 5-8 more weeks before we reach 100% fulfillment status. 

5-8 weeks is an estimate, and final fulfillment dates are subject to change.

No worries though! 

As we make it through the production process, we will keep everyone updated through emailsdiscord, and our social

Thanks in advance for your patience as we get these items made and on their way to you!


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