Trash Taste Update #1

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Apari x Trash Taste Pre-order Update #1

Emailed on January 10, 2022

Trash Taste Pre-orders officially started production last week! 

Below you can see the collaboration's custom clothing tag!


We've also just acquired all the grey fabric for the Trash Taste Hoodies and sweats!
This fabric is waiting in line to be washed and pre-shrunk next!🧼


All Trash Taste Purple fabric is currently being dyed!


All items from the Trash Taste Collection are Pre-Order. 
Any orders including the Trash Taste collection will not be shipped out yet. 

We are currently projected to finish production around Late March. 

However, this is an estimate and final fulfillment dates are subject to change due to the large production quantity. 

No worries though!

As we make it through the production process, we will keep everyone updated through these emails, our discord, and Instagram

Thanks in advance for your patience as we get these items made and on their way to you!


If you ordered items that are not part of the Trash Taste collection and would like those items shipped out separately, please send an email to to make arrangements. 

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